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The conductor - Mona Ehntorp

Mona Ehntorp As of 1991 the choir is led by Mona Ehntorp. She has a Music Director’s degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has also studied Musicology at Stockholm University.

- After graduating from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 1977, I worked a few years in the parish of Hägersten, also in Stockholm. Since 1982, I’m an Organist in the parish of Hässelby. My work as an Organist and Head of Music in the parish consists of many stimulating and varied tasks. I often meet people in different life situations where music is of great importance.

- Working with Hässelby Motet Choir is very dear to my heart. All my life I’ve been singing in choirs and I can easily identify with my choir singers. Finding new challenges for the choir is very exciting. I find that abrupt shifts between different types of music, old and new, traditional and innovative, inspires both the singers and the listeners. Our most important task is however to try to convey the lyrics and the music with feeling and empathy and, perhaps, with a hint of divinity.